Our Methodology

Always the power of the method is inversely proportional to the generality of the method, it means, more specific the method, is more powerful. Our Skynyx is renowned for its simple but world-class methodologies in development, outsourcing, business, product delivery and other processes. Any industry in the world cannot sustain longer without a properly planned methodology, whereas in the same time it cannot follow a more complex and chaotic methods which will ultimately lead them to their customer's dissatisfaction.

Our company follows a more realistic and simplified methodology with our clients in various aspects which make them to stay with us and count on us. All our methods starts from focusing on the root requirement of a customer and basic understanding about his business. Whether it is consultation or development, a customer is always in look for a more friendly solution to ease his working environment. A customer might be a "tech person" or a "non-tech person", but a solution from our company will always befriends our customers with his business management or his work and proves our business method, a triumph!

Agile delivery model:

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